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Pay Stations

June 13th, 2019

You may see something new around Downtown Allentown! The Allentown Parking Authority is installing brand new, state of the art, PAY BY PLATE Pay Stations. They are easy to use and convenient, since they accept cash, credit or debit cards or you can use the Mobile Now App.

Currently they are installed at:

  • 1 pay station 600 Block of N 7th St. (east side)
  • 2 pay stations 500 Block N 7th St. (east side)
  • 4 pay stations 00 Block of N 5th St.
  • 2 pay stations 00 Block of N 5th St.
  • 1 pay station 400 Block of Hamilton St.
  • 1 pay station 500 Block of Walnut St.
  • 1 pay station on the North East Lot
  • 1 pay station on the Fountain Lot
  • 2 pay station on the Farr Lot

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