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Appeal a Ticket

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Appeal a Ticket

The Allentown Parking Authority has set up an administrative appeal process for individuals who believe their parking ticket was issued in error. There are two (2) methods of Appeal.

  1. You may file an internal complaint by calling (610) 841-9090
  2. Or by filling out the Ticket Appeal Form below.

First Step – Internal Review

  1. The Online Ticket Complaint Form should be completed within 10 days of the date of issuance of the parking ticket to make the lower penalty applicable. Note: Internal appeals will not be accepted if made after 30 days of the day of issuance of the parking ticket. The internal appeal request is only valid for the ticket listed. All remaining tickets will not be addressed under this appeal.
  2. The registered owner will be contacted by email or mailed letter after the ticket has been reviewed and advised
    whether the ticket will be upheld (valid) or dismissed.
  3. If the ticket is upheld or appeal is denied and you are unsatisfied, go to step 2.

(At the time of internal complaint) the ticket gets placed on “suspension”. During this time, the fine remains at the amount it was at the time of the complaint.

Second Step – Court Hearing

If you are not satisfied with your internal appeal and you are the registered owner of the vehicle you may contact our office to request a hearing and have the case heard in front of a district magistrate. Please note, proof of vehicle ownership and a copy of your Driver’s License is required to have a ticket transferred to court. Once identification and proof of ownership are satisfied, the authority will request the transfer of the ticket and all related documents. If the appeal is not in the plaintiff’s favor, all court costs and fines that are due will be the plaintiff’s responsibility. Please note that court costs and fines that may be due could total $63.00 or more per ticket.

Examples / Reasons to Contest

  • You purchased a vehicle within the last 10 days and received a ticket for “No Current State Inspection” or “No Current Registration.”
  • You received a ticket for an expired meter, and you have a valid parking permit or mobile session.
  • You were involved in a medical emergency and have documented proof.
  • Your vehicle was disabled, and you have documented proof.
  • You were making an emergency service call and you have documented proof.
  • There was an error with a sign and or lack of signage.
  • Your windshield was replaced but the valid inspection sticker was not, resulting in a ticket for an un-inspected vehicle (If the windshield was replaced within 5 days of receiving the ticket).
  • Your vehicle was involved in an accident and you have documented proof.

Examples / Reasons Not to File an Appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of the City’s parking regulations/ordinances
  • Appointment conflicts or tardiness going or returning from appointments
  • Inability to find a legal parking space
  • Failure to have appropriate or enough coins

Ticket Appeal Form

Step 1 of 2 – Citation Information

Citation Information

If you don’t know your plate or ticket number click here.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Time Issued
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