Vehicles in Allentown may be impounded for the following reasons:

72-Hour Violations – Abandoned on Street

The City of Allentown has an ordinance which states that any vehicle parked on a public street or highway in the city for more than 72 hours may be considered to be an abandoned vehicle. These vehicles may be ticketed, immobilized (booted) for towing and impounded if they remain unmoved for at least 72 hours.

Unauthorized Vehicles on Private Property

Unauthorized vehicles on private property may be towed at the request of the property owner.

Too Close to Fire Hydrant

Vehicles may be towed if they are parked too close to or directly on a fire hydrant.

Scofflaw (Unpaid parking tickets with warrant)

If you have unpaid parking tickets that have resulted in a warrant, or if you are on a payment plan with the Magistrate for parking tickets and you miss a payment, your vehicle may be immobilized (booted) until all fines, costs, and penalties owed to the District Courts and The Allentown Parking Authority including a boot release fee have been paid in full. If payment is not made within 72 hours, the vehicle will be towed and impounded. Scofflaws with warrants in a No Parking Zone will result in immediate tow.

Scofflaw Without Warrants

A vehicle that has any number of outstanding, unappealed tickets, or the owner has not responded to an Official Notice letter, the vehicle will be immobilized (booted) until the tickets and a boot release fee have been paid. If payment is not made within 72 hours, the vehicle will be towed and impounded.

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District Court Phone Numbers

Court 31-1-01
1201 Sumner Avenue
(610) 432-3080

Court 31-1-02
1101 Hamilton Street, Suite 150
(610) 432-8700

Court 31-1-03
1428 W Hamilton Street
(610) 434-7903

Court 31-1-04
1501 Lehigh Street
(610) 797-0906

Court 31-1-05
1007 Union Boulevard
(610) 439-0661

Court 31-2-01
501 Hamilton Street
(610) 782-3834

Court 31-1-08
3000 South Pike Avenue
(610) 797-8724