Parking Decks

The Spiral Deck

Allentown Parking Authority Spiral DeckLocated in the 800 block of Linden Street
This 700+ space deck is visually distinct due to the double ‘helix’ (corkscrew-like) design of the exit ramp. This deck is conveniently located for patrons of the shops and restaurants located in the vibrant 800 and 900 blocks of Hamilton Street.
Rate: $75

Walnut Deck

Allentown Parking Authority Walnut DeckLocated at the corner of 9th & Walnut Streets
With more than 500 spaces, this deck has an attendant on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This deck also has an entrance from Maple Street, one from 9th Street and is conveniently located just to the south of Hamilton Street.
Rate: $75

Government Deck

Allentown Parking Authority Government DeckLocated at 4th & Hamilton Streets
Built in 2007, this deck includes state-of-the-art parking technology that allows parkers to enter and exit the facility without an attendant being on-duty. Built to serve the needs of the government district, this deck has spaces for approximately 600 vehicles.
Rate: $75

Transportation Center

Allentown Parking Authority Transportation DeckLocated at 6th & Linden
Also built in 2007, this facility includes a 500-space parking deck, an intermodal transportation center, a convenience store and a Dunkin Donuts. This is a self-parking facility which does not require an attendant. Conveniently located near the Allentown Art Museum, Baum School of Art and Allentown Symphony Hall.
Rate: $75

Community Deck

Located at 13 South 6th Street
Completed in November 2015, this parking deck is located at 13 South 6th Street and includes 960 parking spaces. Access is available from South 6th Street and Walnut Street.
Rate: $75

Allentown Parking Map

Lot Locations

200 Railroad Lot East

207 Railroad Street
Rate: $25

200 Railroad Lot West

224 N. Railroad Street
Rate: $25

300 Block N. 6th Street Lot

325 – 327 N. 6th Street
Rate: $20

300 Block N. Lumber Street Lot

325 Lumber Street
Rate: $25

400 Ridge Avenue Lot

426 Ridge Avenue
Rate: $25

500 Block N. 5th Street

536 N. 5th Street
Rate: $25

500 Railroad Lot

500 Railroad Street
Rate: $30

700 Railroad Lot

709 Railroad Street
Rate: $25

Alliance Hall Lot

231 N. 6th
Rate: $30

“C” Lot

1016 Linden Street
Rate: $40

“D” Lot – 10th & Court

1009 – 1013 Hamilton Street
Rate: $65

Dubbs Lot

400 Blk N. 5th Street
Rate: $25

“E” Lot

226 N. 9th Street
Rate: $25

Elias Lot

744 N. Front Street
Rate: $35

Farr Lot

20 – 32 N. 8th Street
Rate: $65

Fountain Lot

923 – 933 Walnut Street
Rate: $65

Germania Lot

108 – 126 S. 7th Street
Rate: $52

North Lot

112 N. 7th Street
Rate: $60

N. Penn

112 N. Penn
Rate: $30

Northeast Lot

121 N. 7th Street
Rate: $55

Oak Street Lot

188 Oak Street
Rate: $25

Railroad & Sycamore Lot

122 Sycamore Street
Rate: $25

Ridge & Sycamore Lot

623 Ridge Avenue
Rate: $25

Spring Garden Street Lot

900 Blk Spring Garden Street
Rate: $20

Spruce & Grant Street Lot

436 N. Grant Street
Rate: $25