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How the Allentown Parking Authority can help you with your parking needs.

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Year Round Street Cleaning
City Council has recently approved year round street cleaning for District 2. If you park your car in District 2, you may have noticed that the street cleaning signs have been changed to indicate 'year round' street cleaning. Make sure you look for parking signage before you exit your vehicle!

Available Parking

The Allentown Parking Authority is currently offering off street parking in the vicinity of 10th & Linden Streets. Immediate occupancy available! Monthly parking and hourly parking is available at this location. For further details, inquire at:

Off-Hours Parking

The Allentown Parking Authority is currently offering off hours parking to residents who want to find a place to park their car after 5 p.m. If you live in the vicinity of our parking garages, and would like covered parking, and you will use the space primarily between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday (and anytime on the weekends!), you are invited to request a specially priced permit for only $45 per month. Residents near our Fountain Lot can park in the lot, off hours, for just $25 per month. For further details, inquire at:
Or call, 610 841 9090 and make sure you tell the customer service rep that you are a neighbor looking for evening rate information.


Community Organizations:

The Allentown Parking Authority is currently offering the use of two lots (Fountain and Cata) to community/arts/education organizations. Lots can be leased, on a first come, first served basis for a flat rate during the evenings. It's a great opportunity for you to provide designated parking for your guests! For further details, inquire at:




The Allentown Parking Authority is governed by a 5 person Board of Directors, each of whom is appointed by the city’s Mayor. The 2015 Board members are:


  1. MaryEllen Koval | Chair
  2. Candida Affa| Vice Chair
  3. Ted Zeller| Assistant Secretary
  4. Sara Hailstone| Secretary
  5. Daryl Hendricks|Treasurer

  6. Click here to download a Word doc of the latest meeting minutes.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for July 22.  at 12:00 noon at the Authority office, 603 W. Linden St., Allentown PA.

Allentown Parking Authority 2014 Audit Report

Click here to download a PDF of the APA 2014 Audit Report.

Right to Know Law

The Allentown Parking Authority is a local agency pursuant to the definition of 'local agency' of the Right to Know Law. The Authority's Open Records Officer is Executive Director Tamara Dolan. To file a request for information, use the following link:

New Lot Intended to Ease Neighborhood Congestion

The Allentown Parking Authority has opened a new parking lot, located in the 100 block of Oak Street, intended to ease congestion in this neighborhood. Neighbors as well as employees of the Harrison Morton school are potential users of this convenient lot. Call 610 841 9090 for further details.
Act 44 Disclosure Form
Click here to download a PDF of the Act 44 Disclosure Form.
Lots that will be available to City residents during snow emergencies:

LOT NAME                                                  LOCATION


Walnut & 9th                                                 (behind Holiday Inn at 9th & Hamilton)

Spiral Deck                                                    (on Linden between 8th & 9th)

Allentown Transportation Center (ATC)          6th & Linden

Government Deck                                           (4th & Ham)



Allentown resident's vehicles may park for free during snow emergencies.

Allentown Parking Authority

Allentown Parking Authority

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